Deals Gap Cabin
318 Curves
In 11 Miles!
318 Curves In 11 Miles!  A rider's paradise!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is there cell service?
A. No, unless you have verizon. Most of the area does not have any cell service.
Q. Is there internet available?
A. Not in the cabins. But free wifi is available at the pool, the lodge, the store and at the Pitstop.
Q. How far to the nearest grocery store?
A. In Robbinsville, 20 miles away. Convenience store, general store, gift shop, ice cream shop and post office at Fontana Village.
Q. How far to the nearest gas station?
A. Right at the entrance to Fontana Village at the Pitstop.

Q. Where can I buy alcoholic beverages?
A. Right at the entrance to Fontana Village at the Pitstop.
Q. Laundry facilities?
A. Yes, full service laundromat.
Q. Is there camping?
A. Yes, Fontana has a separate campground right on the river.
Q. Are there any restaurants at Fontana?
A. Yes, Mountainview Restaurant, Wildwood Grill, Bears Den Lounge, The Pitstop, Snackbar at the Stone Creek Pool & Lazy Rivers, The Ice Cream shop

Q. What is happening at Fontana during my stay?



Activities available onsite at Fontana Village Resort:

  • Swimming – 2 pools and a lazy river

  • Putt Putt Golf

  • Hiking

  • Bicycling

  • Fishing

  • Disc Golf

  • Tennis

  • Basketball

  • Game Room

  • Horseback riding

  • Boating of all types

  • Skateboarding

  • Massage

  • Church

  • Crafts

  • Golf Cart Rentals

  • Fire Pits and Ghost Stories

  • Marina

  • Outdoor patio

  • Seasonal live music at the Wildwood Gril

For additional information, please refer to their website

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